A simply clean home

Spotless is a clever household task manager that helps you to keep on top of your chores. Set up multiple rooms, and create task lists for each one.Then see at a glance how much each task is in need of cleaning, helping you to better plan your time. Get reminders at a time that suits you, to stay on track. Easy to set up and use, a nice, clean, clutter-free app. For a nice, clean, clutter-free home.

  • Spotless is free to download and try

Your perfect household partner

Get organized

  • Create lists of tasks for each room in your house.

  • Set a routine that makes sense for each cleaning task.

  • Get your cleaning schedule spot on, from day one

Manage your time

  • Easily see which tasks need the most attention

  • Be reminded at times that suit you

  • Bask in the glow of a beautifully clean home

Spotless for households

Quickly and easily connect household members to your Spotless home.

  • Share your rooms and tasks with unlimited users

  • Updates and completed tasks are synced with everyone’s devices in seconds

  • Completely free and unlimited for household members

Subscription required

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Privacy policy

Our privacy policy is simple: Spotless will never store more data about you or your home than is needed to enable the app to function. We will never share your data with anyone.

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